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Neurodiversity: the Birth of an Idea


First published 2016


  1. An introduction that looks back on the 1990s and traces how my thinking evolved till 2016
  2. A reprint of my original 1998 thesis which I believe was a world-first sociological work to explore and describe the emergence of a new category of disability, the idea of an "autistic spectrum" and the need for a new paradigm and language to describe it. My thesis had the very lengthy title
Odd People In
The Birth of Community Amongst People on the “Autistic Spectrum"
A personal exploration of a New Social Movement based on Neurological Diversity.

My chapter entitled
Reflections on the Neurodiversity Movement
20 years on
is available in both English and French versions
Advocacy for positive recognition of human diversity and its future

Plaidoyer pour la reconnaissance positive
de la diversité humaine et pour son avenir

 Prefaced by Steve Silberman
My chapter:

Why can't you be normal for once in your life?
From a 'Problem with No Name'
to a new category of disability

This essay is probably where my work became known to the general public

It appeared as a chapter in Disability Discourseed. Corker & French

published by the Open University Press, UK in 1999
My foreword is entitled

Travels in Parallel Space
an Invitation

from a  collection of chapters by women who first met on Martijn Dekker's Inlv listserv

My chapter
When Cassandra was very, very young 
Growing up with an Asperger's Mother
ed. Karen Rodman

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